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Tingting Peng

Yoga Instructor


Tingting Peng is a yoga teacher, outdoor enthusiast, community leader, and overall life adventurist.  She discovered yoga in 2008 when she left the corporate finance world and began to explore her passion in movement arts.  Yoga opened her eyes to the diverse (and endless) opportunities in life if she was willing to live fearlessly and authentically. 

Having studied with Baron Baptiste (Power Yoga), Seane Corn (Yoga in Action), Rusty Wells (Bhakti Flow), Deborah Williamson (Yoga Life Coaching) and Jai Uttal (Kirtan), Tingting has been a guest instructor at yoga studios in San Francisco, New York City, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Philippines, Nepal, Guam, and Japan, and has led group retreats which combine outdoor adventure, yoga, and service.  She is also the creator of Yoga Adventure Treks in Nepal.

For more than six years in Hong Kong, Tingting taught both group and private classes at five-star hotels and independent studios and through the Karma Collective, which she founded in Summer 2010, regularly organized community events such as beach clean-ups, free outdoor community yoga classes, and other gatherings that celebrate the amazing experience that is life.


Tingting’s classes are a fusion of alignment-based vinyasa flow rooted in power and bhakti yoga.  She believes that the yoga journey is unique to each individual and welcomes students of all levels in her classes.  Residing in London since Spring 2015, Tingting is mother to two amazing little boys who continuously inspire her to live playfully in every moment. 


Classes on offer include:

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"Tingting is awesome! Not only is she inspiring as a woman of strength and integrity,  as a teacher, she is clear and concise, always coming from a place of playfulness, truth and authenticity. Her classes always magically meet differing levels, giving everyone the gentle push they need to take their body and minds to the next frontier. The result is a great physical and mental challenge that feels just really good!"
"I feel very blessed to have found Tingting as a yoga teacher. She has a deep understanding of the postures and theory and has been able to blend this with her own spirituality to create a transformational experience combining meditation, postures and breath work. I leave every session feeling energized, refreshed and at peace. Thanks Tingting!"
"As a first timer to yoga, I was nervous that I would not be able to follow her class. Her instruction put me at complete ease. She is very conscientious of each person's body and which positions would be best for each [student]. She is an excellent instructor and anyone would be privileged to have her!"

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